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Wheeler County Chamber of Commerce

About Us

Wheeler County Chamber of Commerce

Wheeler County

Wheeler County was Established in 1912 and was the 146th county formed in Georgia. The county was named for General Joseph Wheeler, who served in the Confederate Cavalry and later as a U.S. Army officer in the Spanish-American War.

The People

A deep sense of community runs through Wheeler County. The simple life offers the opportunity to really know your neighbors and the town. It’s warm, caring people like these who created the reputation of Southern hospitality known the world over.


The rural landscape is lined with a variety of farms, fields and pasture land. From Vidalia onions to herds of cattle, agriculture continues to play an important role in Wheeler County.

General Joseph Wheeler


While the charming parks and the abundance of nature make Wheeler County a great place for families, the outdoorsman can find it all! When it comes to hunting, the acres and acres of forest land make a perfect habitat for many game species. Anglers find opportunity in the beautiful lakes, streams and rivers where an abundance of fish lay in wait. Wheeler County is home to Little Ocmulgee State Park & Lodge, a 1,360 acre park featuring camping, cottages, full service restaurant and a 60 room hotel style lodge. Inside the park you’ll find Wallace Adams Golf Course with its breathtaking surroundings. Loblolly pines, magnolias and willows line the impeccable fairways. The lodge and restaurant have made this a true golf destination for many years.

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